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Interview about Soulhunters

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Meet the Alliance of Authors members. The Alliance of Authors Wiki is dedicated to the promotion of authors and also dedicated to helping new authors to reach their potential. Inside there is a directory of authors, SEO tips, a directory of reviewers and much more to come. The Alliance of Authors Wiki is a work in progress and will improve with age. It is my hope that as authors become more educated in the skills of publishing and marketing, we will see more authors selling their products directly from their individual websites. Eventually, a powerful search index, such as google will allow instant access to authors websites through small portals such as this one. This will introduce new capabilities such as Print on Demand bookstores where customers walk into a store, browse an electronic bookshelf and purchase the book they want which will be printed in front of their eyes. Yes, it is fantastic but so was the idea of space travel and so is the internet. We have an extraorinarily powerful too at out fingertips. Let’s use it. The first tip for authors is to become a blogger on your own blogspot.!


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I have added more information on my website Chronicles of the Creator and Alliance of Authors on the different paths of publishing and an expanding directory for each category of contacts.!

Publishing page

The Alliance of Authors is part of Chronicles of the Creator.

The Alliance of Authors is help for new authors.

The Alliance of Authors is a wiki for new authors wishing to make their book known and is a work in progress. The sites value will improve with age.!

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