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Book release

Soul Gem (Chronicles of the Creator book3) has now been released.!

New additions to website

Over the last 2 days new additions have been added to the website!


Over a dozen new links to authors who sell their own books.

A new page dedicated to free games.

A new link to the website Smashwords.


In the next couple of days I will be publishing my third novel ‘Soul Gem’

New author links

I’ve added links to two more authors today on my website. Please welcome Bronwen Evans and Catharina Shields! I’ve seen their books and I like them 🙂!

New author link

Please welcome new author Karen Dales to the ‘Chronicles of the Creator’ website. Her new book, Shadows of Death has been published and the link is now in the book store.

Update to website

Just spent the whole night improving the navigation of my website. Painful but worth the effort.

New bestiary illustrations

The bestiary of my fantasy website has had some new content added. New illustrations and a few descriptions. More to come.

Awesome fantasy game

For those who love fantasy games check out the online game ‘Minions of Mirth’. The game is free to play and has a myriad of player races and player classes with the ability to multiclass three times (you can play six characters at once or single character). Not only is it playable online but you can play the game offline as well! Unique as far as I know. After several hours of playing, the gameplay is smooth and easy to handle. Top game.

I have finally created my website! which is dedicated to bringing fantasy to as many people as possible. Feel free to add your thoughts on fantasy and what inspires you about this wonderful genre. Which books do you want to see turned into movies or even TV shows. Its an open world, enjoy!

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